About Me

Liza Rietz has a talent that is unparalleled and incomparable. She makes things possible with her designs that are edgy and sophisticated without being too flamboyant to be an eyesore. She will start an evolution in fashion that would be the next big hit in the fashion industry.”

It was in 2001 when Liza Rietz formally made her first footprint in the land of sewing and designing retail and custom pieces. In a world where competition is tough, she easily worked herself to the top by creating fresh and new designs. In just several months after her take off, she was already noticed by different fashion gurus, with many popular personalities coming to her to have their wardrobe set updated. She was even invited to talk about her work by various magazines, and television shows.

Liza Rietz had been a member of the artistic clothing community in Portland. She began her career there where she became one of the regular designers to participate in independent fashion shows. She did not have any formal education regarding designing but she had been making her own unique clothing looks since she was young. Her models were her dolls that she fancied dressing up every now and then. Through her talent, perseverance, and hard work, however, her efforts paid off, and her clothes started appearing in high-end boutiques in many fashion capitals around the country. Currently, she has her own store in Portland, Oregon where you could visit her for any custom wear you want.

One thing that stands out with Liza Rietz’ designs is that it is well structured and feminine. The lines and shapes are in perfect detail without it being uncomfortable. They were also made of natural fabrics that are made locally. She believes in supporting the local fabric industry and that a good designer can always make any fabric work as long as she gives it her heart to it.