Fashion Bits and Pieces that Every Fab Girl Should Not Live Without– Sept 16

Fashion is ever dynamic. With the fast changing designs of each and every article of clothing nowadays, it’s no wonder people get confused as to what to wear everyday. Now, of course nobody wants to be left behind. So here are some of the fashion tips that would get you through any fashion evolution with style.



These are the most basic must-have in your wardrobe. When I say shirts I’m talking about those plain ones in basic colors such as blacks and whites. Common, yeah. But these shirts just never go out of style.

Paired with stylish pants, and heels, it would give you a sleek, clean, and sophisticated look. Worn with shorts and your favorite sneakers would give an impression of vibrance and young spirit. Plus, this could fit in any casual and semi-formal attires with the right complement.



We do believe in strutting in comfort. As such, it is a great thing to always keep a pair of sneakers around. With a perfect pair, it could easily fit any type of clothing style you prefer. You could even wear it with your Sunday dresses that would give you an edgy look.

Choosing the perfect one is tricky. The tip here is to look for a color and style that is basic and would complement any color.


A pair of high heels is every woman’s best friend. It brings forth an aura of respect and sophistication. It is a basic must-have if you are working in a corporate world, but your greatest weapon for every occasion.

Heels could easily convert a mundane outfit into a sexy ensemble that will turn the head of any passer-by. Upgrade it with a nice bag, and you are good to go.

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