Welcome to Liza Rietz’ official blog site!

To those who are asking, yes we’ve officially gone online because of the increasing demand on our retail and custom clothing line. People were asking on where to buy our clothes online, and where to officially email us for custom wears.

So yeah, we’ve finally given ourselves up to internet and modern technology which we found out was advantageous because not only did we manage to get a broader market, but we have also been accessible to those outside the country.

What do we sell here?

If you have the most fashion-forward wardrobe set for your everyday use, Liza Rietz’ could provide that for you. We have it from the most luxurious gowns, formal and casual wears, shirts, pants, dresses and more. These are all made uniquely and individually to maintain the character of the clothes we make.

So you see, you do not anymore need to get all shocked and embarrassed when you get a chance to bump into someone who’d wear the same clothes you do. Yeah, ladies, these situations really happen and this will never happen to you with Liza Rietz. Our designs are made specifically for a small number of people, and we take into condition the comfort it brings to the wearer.

For our fabric, we only used those natural ones such as silk and cotton, and as much as possible we abhor importing. We believe that by supporting the local businesses, we do not only save a lot more, but improve the local economy as well. We have many boutiques and shops dotting the whole states, however, our main store and workshop is located in the beautiful town of Tampa, FL.

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What’s Should You Expect Next?

Liza Rietz has so many surprises up her sleeves that you should expect. Just recently we have launched a new collection to out clothing line – the Naughty and Nice collection. This consists mainly of must-needed lingeries and undergarments that would bring additional confidence to every woman. They are seamless and fab, that it would bring a feeling of being beautiful inside and out.

Our ventures do not stop here. In just a month or so, we’ll be releasing a whole new collection for your infants and toddlers. We figure that you’d want to see your kids as fashionable as you, thus, we’re making it possible. Now you can have your OOTDs with your kids every time you want. Check out what’s in store for you and your kids as we release this collection.

Upcoming Events

Watch out for the upcoming fashion shows we scheduled this season. We have a lot of new designs that await you.

This season, a  portion of our earnings will go to the homeless shelter in Chicago as part of our gift-giving programs. If you want to take part in this, and donate, just contact us at help@LizaRietz.com.